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We sell our lamb privately as well as at the market.
From the wild grassland of Hooe Level, these lambs graze in an area of ancient salt marsh which has been under conservation since the family started farming in 1979. We believe this gives our lamb its unique and delicious flavor.

NB Products do vary in weight and cuts depending on what our butcher does and the age of the lamb. The price stays the same.

1/4 Lamb. £40 – 1/2 Leg * 1/2 Shoulder * 1/2 Rack * 2 Chump Chops * 1/4 Neck Fillet * Mince * 1/4 Liver (if liver available)

1/2 Lamb – £75 – 1 Shoulder * 1 Leg * 1 Rack Lamb * 2 Packs Mince * 3 Chump Chops * Neck Fillet * 1/2 Liver (if liver available)

Whole Lamb – £145 – 2 Shoulders * 2 Legs * 2 Racks Lamb * 3 Packs Mince * 6 Chump Chops * Neck Fillet * 1 Liver (if liver available)

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We can only deliver our boxes if you are local to us ie 20-mile radius from Hooe, East Sussex.

We will be delivering our boxes on the day we pick them up from the butcher when it is fresh.

Please buy it online then text 07874109267 or email to arrange delivery (PLEASE ALWAYS TEXT RATHER THAN CALL. MANY THANKS) 

After that, you will need to come to the farm to pick up your order and it will be frozen. If you are unable to get here we may still be able to deliver but again only if you are local.. Just give us a call.

COURIER – Sadly,  we don’t courier anymore. Too many mistakes and spoilt meat. We’re very sorry. 


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1/4 Lamb, 1/2 Lamb, Whole Lamb

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